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Onsite Water Treatment is the premier journal for decentralized wastewater treatment solutions. Our audience is composed of professionals working in a wide variety of industries and their water-related experience, education and expertise varies widely. The thread that ties them together is that they are all responsible for evaluating, planning, engineering, construction, maintenance and development of local, onsite water treatment capabilities in their organizations. While their backgrounds and actual job titles are diverse, all are working professionals and while writing for this group you should assume a high level of comprehension and familiarity with your subject matter.

The prevailing perspective and the bulk of interviews, ascriptions, and quotes should belong to direct participants in onsite water treatment related activities.  If you find yourself writing about nonparticipants, take another look at the assignment and see if you're headed in the right direction


Think like your audience. Put yourself in the shoes of our readers.What makes this subject important enough that you would take time out from your busy schedule to stop and read the article? Where's the hook? How best to bait it, cast it, troll it, and sink it? When you've satisfied yourself on those scores, you're ready to write.

Engage your reader. Leave no doubt in anyone's mind who you are writing to and why it is important. Rivet your full attention on your readers and drag them into the middle of your subject, address them directly and personally.

Don't shy away from technical aspects of your subject. Make your readers "reach," but never "write down" to them. Aim high in your expectations of the reader's knowledge and expertise. Also assume that your readers appreciate sound use of language or grammar. If the article is too simple or basic, we can't use it.

Identify yourself as a writer on assignment for Onsite Water Treatment and conduct yourself and the interview in an open, friendly manner. Think about the article's appearance as you conduct your interviews. How might graphics underscore an important point? What may entice a browser to take the plunge? Gather as much graphic material as possible (photos, charts, illustrations, etc.). The more options our art director has, the better.

As far as rules are concerned, follow the latest Chicago Manual of Style. We have a set of conventions of our own, however, we'll apply them as appropriate leaving you to concentrate on more important matters.

Address inquiries and submissions to:

Forester Communications
PO Box 3100
Santa Barbara, CA 93130
Voice: (805) 682-1300
Fax: (805) 682-0200
E-mail: [email protected]
Web: www.forester.net

If it is your intention to write for Forester Communications, please print this page, sign and date where indicated, acknowledging that you have read and understand the contents of this guide.



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