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January/February 2008
Vol 4, No 1


The Good Ol' College Try
Universities in opposite climates are dealing with onsite water treatment.
By Peter Hildebrandt


The FOG Has Lifted
Bioremediation provides restaurants with a nonhazardous way to deal with grease traps and drain lines clogged up by fats, oils, and grease.
By Lori Lovely


Less Is More
Exploring the technologies that aim to achieve zero-energy aeration.
By Carol Brzozowski


Decentralized Evolution
Designers and engineers move away from sewer and manhole infrastructure toward onsite, clustered, decentralized wastewater treatment systems.
By Mark Saunders


Keeping the Mercury Out
Biofuels generated by wastewater treatment in farm, dairy, and other industries can lower energy costs and lessen reliance on fossil fuels.
By Nikki Stiles


Plug and Play
A school in Oregon discovers that UV turnkey systems are simple to install.
By Carol Brzozowski


A Stream of Savings
A metal hardware contract manufacturer solves the problem of managing its effluent with a turnkey process that separates solids and recycles water.
By Don Talend


The "Other" Battery Park
Updated equipment aids in the management of wastewater for lead-acid battery recycling in southern California.
By David C. Richardson


A Garden State First
A residential community for active adults in Columbus, NJ, finds drought solutions through water reuse.
By Lori Lovely


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