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July/August 2007
Vol 3, No 4



Shifting Tides
NSF Standard 245 makes waves in the wastewater treatment industry.
By Lori Lovely


Innovation at the Point of Application
The use of ADS biodiffusers for residential wastewater treatment is more cost-effective for non-urban areas than centralized wastewater treatment plants.
By Daniel P. Duffy


Well Manor-ed
The onsite treatment plant at a gated community produces near-drinking-quality water for irrigating the golf course grounds and residents' landscaping.
By Lori Lovely


Two Shades of Green
Able to address many of the issues raised by traditional treatment methods, electrocoagulation is an environmentally friendly and economical alternative.
By Henry Vere


Practical Luxury
A Napa Valley luxury resort turns to an onsite system to treat wastewater and reuse it for irrigation and fire protection.
By Dan Rafter


Rethinking the Future
Whether it's on-lot systems or a cluster, the challenge is management.
By Penelope B. Grenoble


Reciprocating Water Technologies
Low-tech A to B cycle method improves on traditional recirculating gravel filters.
By Peter Hildebrandt


Happy Customers, Healthy Business
As the wastewater treatment industry becomes more competitive, customer service gives businesses the chance to rise above their competitors.
By Dan Rafter


Western Wastewater Assets
A Wyoming community solves its water scarcity and treatment issues with the Cheyenne reuse system.
By Carol Brzozowski

Biofilms' Slippery Slopes
Riddles and answers for OWT operators and scientists
By Henry Vere


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